Jo Ann Hattner, MPH RDN
Ann Coulston, MS RDN
E. Michael Goodkind, BA

One woman's story of how to eat right, lose weight, and win the battle against diabetes





Legal Notice


This book is written for basically healthy people who want to improve their health. If you have any health issue, such as a chronic disease or an immune compromised condition, see your physician. The authors disclaim responsibility for any adverse affects that may result from the use of the information contained in this book.

Copyright Notification

Help! My Underwear is Shrinking is published for the use of authorized readers only. The copyright is protected under U.S. Federal law (17USC101 et seq.). According to this copyright law, receiving an electronic version of Gut Insight does not give you any different rights from those available with a print book purchase. This means you (as the e-book purchaser) may not forward the electronic version, nor may you make print or fax copies for use by others. Printing of the e-book for your own use is permitted.

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