Jo Ann Hattner, MPH RDN
Ann Coulston, MS RDN
E. Michael Goodkind, BA

One woman's story of how to eat right, lose weight, and win the battle against diabetes



"Uh Oh, my underwear is shrinking!"

We'd like to believe that, wouldn't we? Sanding in front of the mirror, ample belly and thighs stretching the fabric of overworked undergarments… we’d like to believe that it was the underwear doing the shrinking and not our bodies doing the growing. Unfortunately, that’s not usually the case. But why? We try to eat right, we try to exercise. Where are all of these extra pounds coming from? As this book will show you, from some often overlooked and unexpected places

Inside you’ll also find:

  • A meal plan based on an easier-to-understand budget
  • Tips for fitting exercise into your everyday routine
  • Sample menus for healthy meals
  • The motivation to get started and stick with it

And to make things painless, you’ll learn from someone else’s experience — the easiest and best way to understand something new. So what are you waiting for? Make that underwear grow, not shrink. Fit back into pants you haven’t worn in years (they’re probably back in style). Stop feeling helpless about your weight and your diabetes. With Help! My Underwear is Shrinking you’ve got all the tools you need to drop pounds and win the battle against diabetes.

But why this book??!!

It's easy to read ... It’s fun to read … It will make you laugh …

And it provides a solid plan for weight loss It’s a friendly plan...

  • You are in charge because you control the food choices
  • No one will even know you are on a diet
  • Food is a big part of our lifestyle, and we make that work for you.
  • There is a discovery period in which you learn your habits
  • You identify those habits that may be barriers to successful weight loss
  • The barriers are removed as you adjust food choices and activities
  • Activities and food work in tandem to provide added value in many ways

This plan is unique because it is based on your height. Why?

  • Because your height is not going to change
  • This plan feeds your lean body
  • You will gradually lose the fat that is covering your lean body
  • The plan involves a Budget of carbohydrate containing foods — every day the “glass” is full, not half empty!
  • You have all day to spend your budget
  • We give you guidelines for spacing the foods throughout the day
  • This budget of carbohydrate and the spacing of food throughout your day will normalize your blood glucose

We introduce you to Tiffany, a woman struggling with weight loss, and then we really get into her head. Readers identify with Tiffany’s fears of a chronic condition and the pressures in her life

  • Her difficulties
  • Her joy in succeeding
  • The character is fictional
  • But the stories are real
  • Our clients provided the stories
  • Our clients taught us

Is this book for me? Yes! Particularly if you are a woman who…

  • Has struggled with weight loss
  • Failed at keeping weight off
  • Are a yo-yo dieter
  • Have increasing sizes of underwear in your drawer

Can you use this book and meal plan even if you already have type 2 diabetes?

  • Yes, when you work closely with your health care professional
  • The meal plan is based on the principles of Carbohydrate Counting
  • Help! My Underwear is Shrinking was written and carefully checked by Registered Dietitians

Is there a test to determine my Diabetes status?

Yes! Take the Risk Test for Diabetes. This fasting blood glucose test is available from your health care professional.






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